Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing in Tampa, FL

Reliable & Effective Roof Insulation Services in Orlando

Spray foam is one of the most advanced insulation and building envelope systems on the market today. Covered with a white or other light-reflecting elastomeric coating, it’s the hardest-working roofing system around.

An Insulating Powerhouse 

SPF insulation combines a high R-value and air infiltration control, essential to achieving energy efficiency. Its tight air seal protects buildings and their occupants from moisture, extreme temperatures, noise, and contaminants.

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Why Choose Spray Foam Roofing?

When it comes to insulation, the most critical aspect is the R-value. R-value is how effective the insulation is at blocking heat flow. There are many different types of roof insulation that have various R-values and installation processes. 

However, spray foam has a simple installation and a higher R-value than its competitors. Improve your temperature control while sealing your roof against the water with spray foam insulation.

Spray foam is a polyurethane or latex spray directly applied to the underside of your roof. Its R-value depends on the thickness of the insulation after it’s applied. It acts like glue when it connects to your roof, so it can seal cracks and block moisture from entering your property. 

This is a perfect way to protect your property from further leaks. Spray foam adds a waterproof, structurally stable insulation to your roof that also lowers your monthly bills for long-term savings while increasing the value of your property.


SPF roofing simply offers the best value around. Consider these added advantages: 

Seamless – SPF is a seamless, airtight, waterproof system that eliminates leaks. 

Self-Flashing – SPF - spray polyurethane foam conforms and adheres to virtually any surface, including metal, wood, concrete and most existing roof surfaces. Because SPF is spray applied, there are no seams. Conventional asphalt tar and gravel, single-ply TPO and modified all require the addition of flashings after the roofing is installed. 

Lightweight – Much lighter than conventional roofing systems, SPF roofs are ideal for re-roofing or refurbishing your existing roof. 

Insulating – SPF roofing has an “R” value of 6.8 providing more thermal resistance of any roofing product on the market. CES customers have experienced 25-30 percent savings on their utility costs after installing their SPF roof system. 

No Ponding Water – Spray polyurethane foam allows us to raise low ponding water areas and add pitch to the roof to promote proper drainage.  

Versatile – Spray polyurethane foam is ideal for new roofs, re-roofing projects, domed, metal, wood and concrete roofs. 

Watertight and Airtight – The closed cell structure of polyurethane foam is waterproof and adds structural strength where applied. Foam can be applied on most types of flat and low slope roofs as well as interior walls and ceilings.  

Strong – Despite its light weight, polyurethane foam is extremely strong and does not pack down or sag. Within minutes of spraying foam you can walk over the applied area. 

Flexible – SPF expands and contracts without affecting its ability to protect the structure from outside elements. 


Long Life – Foam roofs last indefinitely when properly maintained providing you with the best value in the market. Unlike other roof systems that must be completely removed and replaced, SPF roofs can be easily repaired or recoated allowing you to extend the warranty for up to and additional 20 years. 

Easily Applied – SPF roofing can be installed quickly with little or no disruption to your business. 

Energy Efficient / Cool Roof – A foam and coated roof will greatly reduce your roof temperature, maintaining at or near ambient temperature which means the inside stays cooler and your HVAC runs less. 

Warranties – 10, 15 and 20 year renewable warranties are available on most roofs. 

cool roof vs. built-up roof

Benefits of Insulating Your Roof

Your roof may be responsible for up to 35% of AC/heat loss in your property. Here are just a few of the advantages of insulating your roof:

  • Energy and cost savings
  • Heat prevention
  • Sustainability

We’ve already mentioned how insulating your roof lowers your monthly heating and cooling costs by keeping tempered air in, but it also keeps the hot or cold air out! Heat prevention is critical during Florida’s hot summer months so you can stay cool inside. Because of the lower energy usage, your home has reduced its carbon footprint for a more sustainable practice. Not only does expert foam roof insulation help your property, but it helps the environment.

CES Commercial Roofing is the team to call when you want high-quality solutions for your roof. As manufactured certified applicators, we value our partners and strive to provide our clients with the best available products, services, and maintenance to assure your roof is and stays watertight.

Let us help save you energy and money. Call (813) 592-1144 to learn more about our SPF roofing services in Tampa and throughout Florida.

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