CES Commercial Roofing Testimonials and Customer Reviews

After our work is complete, we often receive thank you letters from our clients. Here are the things some of our customers have said about our roofing work, and about the resulting energy savings they have realized.

Thank you Jim. You guys did an amazing job. The sound proofing in our building through the roof has diminished nearly 95% since the spray foam roof was installed. This is amazing for our video recording work ongoing daily so thank you very much for an amazing job and project.

Corey Bergeron, CEO

Thank you Conmercial Energy Systems! Amazing work without any business interruption. Thanks for working weekends to wrap this up. We love our newly restored roof!

Lora VanBuren, Manager
California Closets
Clearwater, Florida

Thank you Jim! I gratefully appreciate you stepping up and helping out on this project. It is such a great feeling to know there are great contractors like you out there to perform as promised. The project went flawlessly over the 5 weeks for my tenants and their customers. We have 26 tenants in our plaza and I never heard from one tenant about any construction noise or disruptions to their business -- truly amazing as a commercial manager.

Scott True
Commercial Property Manager
True Realty, LLC

I am thankful I found Commercial Energy Systems, LLC. Coming from Cartagena, Colombia, I really didn't know or trust too many contractors but since Andy Schraeder, a professional engineer referred you, I was elated to learn about your system and now that it is fully installed, I am just ecstatic. Thank you for being so organized and working around all our tenants and keeping so many of the residents informed and safe through this major construction project. I highly recommend Commercial Energy Systems, LLC to every property owner in need of a professional and honest contracting firm.

Carlos Ortiz
Montierra Apartments

Thank you Jim for such a great project! You guys handled tenants, parking, tiny work areas along buildings and daily tenant traffic flawlessly. The project was completed timely and you left our property cleaner than it was before you started. We love our new roofs and we really enjoyed working with you through the holiday season. You made things seem so simple!

Lisa Lindsay
Property Manager
Dauphine Apartments

You guys are amazing! What an extraordinary job you did managing through the rainy season and nearly 250 tenants through the entire project and ensuring there were no problems with parking and construction equipment. You kept all your equipment secured in a fenced in area and most of us never even knew you were around because it all went so smoothly. You also worked exceptionally well with our project manager and engineer to meet our deadlines for inspections and lien release requirements through the project. I will highly recommend you and look forward to the next project very soon.

Rudy Nassari
TLR Property Management, Inc.

I am so impressed with how professional the installation was handled with this plaza being occupied daily with nearly 200 cars. We are extremely happy with the fact your Company performed as promised and did not affect our daily business activity to all our 26 business owners throughout the plaza. The workmanship was clean, staged out of the way of daily deliveries and the project was completed 5 days short of the 20 days expected in our contract. Excellent job!

Dan Weinfield
Board President
Tiffany Square Plaza

I really am just amazed on how "cool" to the touch this roof is after the material was applied. We went from a 140 degree roof to an ambient temperature roof overnight almost. The roof looks amazing. All of the seams were sealed tight and walls were waterproofed to ensure no leaks for the long haul. Great job and I certainly recommend Commercial Energy Systems, LLC to anyone looking to restore a large flat roof.

Gray Sample
First Baptist Church

You guys did an amazing job. I didn't have one complaint from any of my 86 units in two condominium buildings and in fact, for the most part, we didn't even realize you were working. 'The work was performed timely (20 days) and considering there was a liquidated damage clause in the contract after 45 days, you performed above our expectations. The neighboring condominium even called me to tell me how pleasant the new roof looks!

Rhonda Holiday
Property Manager
Fisherman's Cove Condominium
Sarasota, Florida

Everything was clean, organized and all of the equipment and material was safely stored within a fenced-in storage area daily. I never had any worries with all of the cars coming and going throughout the day from overspray because you protected against that daily. You guys did an excellent job and worked well with the a/c guys that needed access through the project to work on tenants' a/c units. I would highly recommend Commercial Energy Systems, LLC to every condominium in Florida.

Dan Bronchorst
Maintenance Director
Fisherman's Cove Condominium
Sarasota, Florida

Thank you for taking care of this project on short notice and wrapping it up in just 4 days. The leaks are stopped thanks to your efforts. Working off a lift isn't easy I know as a general contractor so job well done. I will highly recommend you to my clients.

John Farese
Arlington Management

I am so impressed! What an amazing job you all did on this project. I still can't believe you completed all 25 buildings under budget and in less than 7 weeks with such superior results. You passed inspections with the City of Jacksonville, my roofing consultant, Duhon Roofing Consultants, and also with Progressive Materials inspectors for the 20 year warranty. Very impressive. I will highly recommend you to anyone interested in using your services for restoring their roofing systems. Thank you Commercial Energy Systems, LLC. for such professional and expert service at Auburn Glen Apartments.

Stuart Penan
Vice President
BAF Associates, Inc.

It is really hard sometimes to live and work in Massachusetts and manage property in Florida so the job you did for me was simply fantastic. Thanks for making everything operate so smoothly from meeting with my manager to inspect the roof and getting us an estimate timely and for working with so many people on my end to get the permitting, checks disbursed and coordinating around my trip to Florida to see the work through. You did an amazing job and thank you for everything.

John Giles
President of Giles Development
Building Leased by Bank of America

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC stopped my leak and water intrusion issues! Jim Wolff visited my commercial building in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, and gave me some very professional and expert advice on how to refurbish my flat roofing system. Jim's solution to provide a silicone elastomeric coating restoration was the best option any contractor suggested. I hired Commercial Energy Systems, LLC to refurbish my roof and I am elated because it was done timely, cost effectively and I now have a ten year warranty covering all the labor and material on my refurbished roof. No more headaches! Thank you Jim and Commercial Energy Systems, LLC.

Rony Shubich, Owner
1045 Central Ave, St. Petersburg

"I received information through a direct mail on Commercial Energy Systems, LLC. and their services. I researched them online and learned they were experts in commercial flat roof restoration. I hired them to restore my commercial building and they did an amazing job. They performed as promised and at an incredible cost savings. So far, I have seen a 14% reduction in my monthly energy bills with their highly reflective coating system on my 100,000 square foot facility in Miami, FL."

Jerry D. (Dennis) Yunes
TeleData, Inc.

"I own and operate a 135,000 square foot furniture business. I don't have the time or the understanding to manage a roofing and solar project so I hired Commercial Energy Systems, LLC. They are the experts in both spray polyurethane foam and silicone coating restoration as well as the experts in photovoltaic solar. Most importantly for me, they were able to complete the project on-time, under budget and without affecting my day-to-day operations."

Bill Bacon
Bacon's Furniture Gallery

"As a roofing consultant, I have been challenged in Florida finding a professional, experienced roofing contractor that actually performs as promised. I was looking for a contractor that specialized in spray polyurethane foam and high-solid silicone restoration work and Commercial Energy Systems, LLC was recommended to me through a Community Association Manager. Finally, a contractor that is professionally licensed, insured, and performs with amazing results. I now recommend Commercial Energy Systems, LLC to everyone I consult with for commercial and industrial flat roof restoration in Florida."

Andrew D. (David) Hayden
Andrew D. Hayden, Inc.