Metal Roof Systems

Metal roofs have been used for centuries. Metal has always been regarded as a premium roofing covering in spite of its higher up-front costs because its longevity provides superior value over time. Most commercial and industrial metal roof coverings are installed with structural panels that are attached to purlins or trussing. In some cases, architectural panels are attached directly to decking.

The Problem

Texas’s harsh weather affects metal roof integrity and longevity. Heat and water are the biggest threats. Metal roof system in Texas can heat up to over 140*F and then cool down to ambient temperature as often as twice a day. A metal panel expands and contracts nearly 1/4″ per 100 linear feet as temperatures fluctuate throughout daily heat cycles. In this process, the waterproofing eventually fails around joints, fasteners and lap seams.

In most cases, the integrity of the metal panels themselves are in great condition. But the natural expansion and contraction creates voids around the fasteners or the flashing and lap seams, allowing water intrusion and affecting the waterproofing.

The Solution

Most often, the roof covering itself does not need to be replaced. Rather the roof can be restored through the application of an elastomeric coating that provides a monolithic, seamless, waterproof layer of protection.

Although acrylic and urethane coatings may be less expensive up-front, they require periodic re-coating and do not provide the longevity of elastomeric coatings. The high-solid silicone elastomeric that we use provides superior waterproofing and energy efficiency benefits and is the only elastomeric coating that meets the National Roofing Contractors Associations recommendations for a single-component, monolithic and seamless waterproofing product for metal roof panel coverings.

With so many variations in metal roof covering options, a professional roofing contractor like CES Commercial Roofing has the knowledge to evaluate your roof to determine whether it can be restored or must be replaced. Our professional experience has proven over 11 years that the best long-term results on metal panel roof covering restoration is a commercial grade, high-solid (96%) silicone elastomeric coating.

Process for Restoring a Metal Panel Roof

  • Power wash the metal panel roof.
  • Spray apply a single-component primer.
  • Spray apply a high-solid silicone.
  • Individually seal lap seams and fasteners.


  • The roof restoration procedure described above provides a 10, 15 or 20 year labor and material warranty with NO exclusions for ponding or standing water.
  • This process may qualifies for cash rebates from local energy service providers.
  • Annual energy costs will be reduced by approximately 15%.