Flat or “Low-Sloped” Roof Restoration

There are a variety of roof covering system options for commercial and industrial buildings in Texas Building Code defines a “flat” or low-sloped roofing system as anything less than a 3:12 pitch. The roof covering types for flat or “low sloped” roofing systems include:

Flat roof systems in Texas fail for a variety of reasons: harsh weather, expansion and contraction, ponding and standing water, wind damage, third-party damage, and age.

CES Commercial Roofing, a leader in the flat and “low sloped” roofing industry in Texas, and specializes in restoring and refurbishing flat roof commercial and industrial systems using a high-solid (96%), single-component silicone elastomeric and/or spray polyurethane closed-cell roofing foam.

“What type of roof do we have?”
“What is the best solution for our failing roof?”

At CES Commercial Roofing, these are the questions we hear most often. The answer to both requires an inspection before we can make a professional recommendation. Quite often, the roof can be restored through the application of silicone elastomeric or polyurethane foam at a much lower cost than complete replacement.

When a liquid applied roofing solution does not make sense, we propose a manufactured roofing systems from IB Roof as an alternate solution. IB Roof Systems offer high performance standards, superior waterproofing benefits, energy efficiency and energy savings, “green” building products, minimal maintenace, superior warranty, customer service, and cost effectiveness. For more information about IB Roof Systems, click here.

If you are looking for an industry expert to evaluate your commercial or industrial building roof system, and to provide a professional recommendation to restore or refurbish your existing flat or “low” sloped roofing system, please contact CES Commercial Roofing today for a free evaluation.

Failing Modified Bitumen
Roof System
Restored Using
Silicone Elastomeric

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