Acrylic Elastomeric vs. Silicone Elastomeric

It is extemely important to know the differences in the chemical nature of acrylic elastomeric and how it compares with silicone elastomeric when determining which option is the best choice for your coating project. A failure to understand how they compare chemically will surely cost you many thousands of dollars over time. First, defining the term “elastomeric,” is important. The term “elastomeric,” simply stated is, “a product designed to elongate or expand and contract to its original state.”

Acrylic Elastomeric

  • A viscous, water soluble (latex is a technical term for the suspension of polymer microparticles in water) product used in various paint and coating products.
  • Additives are required to enhance longevity from discoloration and reduce chalking (breaking down).
  • Requires multiple layer application for increased dry film millage. 1 dry mil is equal to 1000th of 1 inch or (.8 dry mils is .0008″).
  • Does not meet the National Roofing Contractors Association requirements as an elastomeric, or as a single-component, high-solid, monolithic waterproofing product for roofing applications.
  • Has no “elongation” or increased tensile strength benefit as defined as an elastomeric due to the chemical nature of the material.
  • Requires continued re-coating due to the chemical failure related to weathering effects of UV and water.
  • Product warranty excludes ponding and standing water due to complete failure under hydrostatic pressure and has poor chemical resistance due to the hydrophilic properties.
  • Requires multiple processes incorporated into the application to ensure any waterproofing benefits such as added fiberglass matting, caulking for seams, and flashing or other chemical additions to make the application a “system.”
  • Is a cheap and economic choice to sell for contractors because it is water soluble.

Silicone Elastomeric- high solid (96%).

  • Meets the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) requirement as a high-solid, single component, monolithic and seamless waterproofing product for roof applications.
  • Does not require multiple chemicals (caulking or sealants) or fabrics to enhance application benefit.
  • Has an elongation factor of 150% for improved expansion and contraction and for superior waterproofing.
  • Has an emissivity of 88% for reduced radiation penetration.
  • Has a reflectivity of 89% for a highly reflective energy saving benefit.
  • Has a high hydrokinetic benefit and is hydrophobic so is impervious to chemical or dirt effects.
  • Color additives provide a multitude of color options for long term waterproofing benefits on all roof systems (slope or “low” slope).
  • There are no exclusions for ponding or standing water on a flat or “low” slope roof system.
  • Requires only a single pass application to maximize the required millage specification for installation.
  • A 10, 15 or 20 year waterproofing warranty for both labor and material is available.
  • Meets all requirements for Miami Dade NOA, EnergyStar, CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council), FM Approved (Factory Mutual), RCMA (Roof Coating Manufacturer Association) and Florida Product Approval. Is the most economical, long-term roof coating solution due the fact it is non-sacrificial, does not breakdown from UV or hydrostatic pressure and does not require a re-coat at any time. It truly is the only elastomeric roof coating option in Florida for long-term waterproof.

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