Roof Restoration Project – Tampa, Florida

Casa 21 Restaurant
4,800 sq ft Retail Location
Tampa, Florida

Restaurant owner Scott Skornscheck contacted CES Commercial Roofing because his roofing system was leaking into his building over the chef’s prepping tables. Upon inspection, it was evident based on the age of the existing single-ply, TPO roofing membrane that the roofing system was ready to be either replaced or refurbished.

Scott’s primary goal was to ensure the service life of his building without spending more than necessary. He was also hoping to remain open during the two day installation.

Casa 21 Roof – Before

Scott decided that his best option was to restore the system using a commercial grade silicone elastomeric. The process included:

  • power washing and drying the roof surface
  • making general repairs to the penetrations, a/c curbing, and parapet walls
  • applying additional waterproofing on seams
  • applying final topcoat of silicone to the entire roof membrane to protect against ponding and standing water

Refurbishing the roof cost only 25% of the cost of roof replacement. The roof now has a seamless, monolithic waterproofing system with a 10 year labor and material warranty.

Casa 21 Roof – After