Roof Restoration Project – Manatee, Florida

Manatee Health Services (MCR)
Community Rural Health Clinic
Bradenton, Florida

The roof on this building included an old, inoperable photovoltaic solar system that was integrated into the TPO, single-ply roofing membrane when it was originally installed over 7 years ago. Furthermore, the roof was leaking into a computer software server room in the medical building.

After considering alternative options and interviewing several roofing contractors, MCR contacted CES Commercial Roofing for a solution. With professional experience in both solar technology and roofing, CES Commercial Roofing was the logical choice, and the conversation quickly turned into, “How soon can you start?”

Manatee MCR Roof – Before

The process included:

  • removing the bracketing for the wiring of the solar system from the roof surface
  • preparing the roof for a high-solid silicone restoration to seal in the photovoltaic panels
  • refurbishing with a high-solid silicone elastomeric

The solution eliminated the need for a complete removal and replacement of the old roof. MCR now has a completely refurbished roofing system with zero leak issues.

MCR is planning to contract CES Commercial Roofing to install newer photovoltaic systems to power over 35 medical offices that they own and operate in Manatee, DeSoto, and Sarasota Counties.

Manatee MCR Roof – After