Roof Restoration Project – Belleair Bluffs, Florida

Bank of America Building
Financial Center
Belleair Bluffs, Florida

This 5,800 sq. ft. commercial building, located in Belleair Bluffs, Florida, is leased and operated by the Bank of America. The roofing system was re-covered nearly 4 years ago. But the contractor did such a poor job that the building had developed multiple leaks throughout the underside of the roof. It was imperative that the roof be waterproofed prior to the upcoming rainy season.

Bank of America Roof

John Giles, the owner of the building, wanted an alternative to working with his former roofing contractor. He contacted CES Commercial Roofing after receiving a direct mail flyer. Mr. Giles flew down to Florida from his home in Massachusetts to meet with CommEnerSys manager Jim Wolff, and contracted the company to complete the needed roof restoration work.

First spray polyurethane foam was used to build up the low, depressed areas that were holding ponding water. Then a top coat of silicone elastomeric (96% high-solid) was applied. The result is a complete monolithic, seamless, waterproofing restoration.

The roofing system is now restored with a highly reflective, and highly energy efficient waterproofing restoration with a 10 year labor and material full system warranty.

As an added benefit, Duke Energy is rebating the cost of this project at $.15 per square foot in cash to Mr. Giles.

Bank of America Roof

It is really hard sometimes to live and work in Massachusetts and manage property in Florida so the job you did for me was simply fantastic. Thanks for making everything operate so smoothly from meeting with my manager to inspect the roof and getting us an estimate timely and for working with so many people on my end to get the permitting, checks disbursed and coordinating around my trip to Florida to see the work through. You did an amazing job and thank you for everything.

John Giles
President of Giles Development
Building Leased by Bank of America