Church Roof Restoration – St. Petersburg, Florida

First Baptist Church
1900 Gandy Blvd.
St. Petersburg, Florida

This 24,000 sq. ft. roof consisted of smooth modified bitumen that was originally refurbished using an aluminum based elastomeric.

The project required extensive power washing to remove the aluminum coating. Then a base coat of primer was applied to ensure a good bond for the top coat of high-solid silicone. After the prep work was completed, the roof was spray applied with 2.0 gallons per square of high-solid silicone elastomeric for a 10 year labor and material full-system warranty.

The project began in the heart of rainy season and despite the daily rains, was completed within 4 business days. The customer is ecstatic and really amazed on how “cool” to the touch the roof is now with the highly reflective cool roof now completed.

First Baptist Church – Before

I really am just amazed on how “cool” to the touch this roof is after the material was applied. We went from a 140 degree roof to an ambient temperature roof overnight almost. The roof looks amazing. All of the seams were sealed tight and walls were waterproofed to ensure no leaks for the long haul. Great job and I certainly recommend CES Commercial Roofing to anyone looking to restore a large flat roof.

Gray Sample
First Baptist Church

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First Baptist Church – After