CES Commercial Roofing Contract with Murdock Plaza

Murdock Plaza
Retail Shopping Mall
1700 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, Florida

When Commercial Property Manager Scott True of True Realty, LLC had a leaking roof on his 100,000 sq. ft. plaza, he wanted to find an experienced and ethical contractor to handle his project. Scott contacted a roofing product manufacturer, and they referred him to CES Commercial Roofing. The contract was signed in January of 2018, and CES Commercial Roofing began the Murdock Plaza project.

The original metal panel roof system was leaking in so many places that it took nearly two weeks of labor to correct all of the damage resulting from the previous contractor’s work. Once the repairs were made, all of the seams were sealed (end lap and vertical), the wall transitions and all penetrations were spray foamed. Finally the entire roof system (86,000 sq. ft. metal panel, 14,000 sq. ft. modified bitumen, and vertical perimeter walls) was spray applied with a high-solid (96%) silicone.

A 15 year full-system warranty for labor and material was included in this project.

The original 100,000 sq. ft. roof was leaking in several places.
 After repairs, seams were sealed and wall transitions spray foamed.
Finally the entire roof system was spray applied with a high-solid (96%) silicone.

Thank you Jim! I gratefully appreciate you stepping up and helping out on this project. It is such a great feeling to know there are great contractors like you out there to perform as promised. The project went flawlessly over the 5 weeks for my tenants and their customers. We have 26 tenants in our plaza and I never heard from one tenant about any construction noise or disruptions to their business — truly amazing as a commercial manager.

Scott True
Commercial Property Manager
True Realty, LLC

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